Different services such as housekeeping service, remodeling service, and repair services will probably provide you an excellent-quality job and output, but only some of these legitimate and affordable companies will give you a free estimate.  

An estimate is a method done by a service provider in which they assess the condition and the situation before the actual service, either repair, and installation is done. It involves visiting your house and assess the total work and the estimated costs of the whole project. When a company visits a house to do an estimate, this may cost them some expenses such as fuel, labor, and vehicle expenses. Some service providers might charge a customer for an estimate if the customer decides of not hiring them, while others offer a detailed bid for free. 

What are the Legitimate Charges? 

The companies need to be transparent when it comes to charges and fees they impose to their customers and clients and these include the bidding and the estimated fees, if exist. Some companies do have the reasons to charge for an estimate provided that they are upfront about it. For instance, the company may offer the customer only for larger projects, or just for an inspection. This means that there are companies that will charge for small projects and outputs or consider inspection and estimate two different methods.  

The inspection may need a thorough approach of assessment while giving the customer and in-depth analysis of the issue, causes, and costs compared to mere estimation. This is why some companies charge for inspection, and not for an estimate. These jobs may include remodels, installation, and cleaning services. 

What does the Estimate Include? 

It is recommended that a customer knows what to expect in an estimate, whether free or charged because it is as important as knowing if it is free or not. Knowing when to ask for an estimate, the date the estimate will be given, and the specifications of the estimate are important to be known and understood by the customer. Does the customer need a line-by-line breakdown of the project’s cost? 

Although the type of bid that a customer would get is highly dependent on the type of project they get estimated for: small or big, cheap or costly. For instance, a bathroom remodels service might offer a free initial estimate, provide a proposal, and ask if the customer want s to pursue the service, with charges this time.  

There is also a thin line between asking important, diagnostic questions about the project and asking for an estimate. Most of the contractors would recommend and welcome diagnostic questions from the customers. In relation to this, customers are also encouraged to ask before they accept free bids and estimates. A customer may get lured to an estimate advertised as free. However, this might mean that the customer needs to eventually hire the service provider after the free estimate is done.  

It is important to ask questions and ensure that the service provider will not necessitate you to hire them after providing you their “free” estimate of the project.