When Is a Free Estimate Not Free?

Different services such as housekeeping service, remodeling service, and repair services will probably provide you an excellent-quality job and output, but only some of these legitimate and affordable companies will give you a free estimate.  

An estimate is a method done by a service provider in which they assess the condition and the situation before the actual service, either repair, and installation is done. It involves visiting your house and assess the total work and the estimated costs of the whole project. When a company visits a house to do an estimate, this may cost them some expenses such as fuel, labor, and vehicle expenses. Some service providers might charge a customer for an estimate if the customer decides of not hiring them, while others offer a detailed bid for free. 

What are the Legitimate Charges? 

The companies need to be transparent when it comes to charges and fees they impose to their customers and clients and these include the bidding and the estimated fees, if exist. Some companies do have the reasons to charge for an estimate provided that they are upfront about it. For instance, the company may offer the customer only for larger projects, or just for an inspection. This means that there are companies that will charge for small projects and outputs or consider inspection and estimate two different methods.  

The inspection may need a thorough approach of assessment while giving the customer and in-depth analysis of the issue, causes, and costs compared to mere estimation. This is why some companies charge for inspection, and not for an estimate. These jobs may include remodels, installation, and cleaning services. 

What does the Estimate Include? 

It is recommended that a customer knows what to expect in an estimate, whether free or charged because it is as important as knowing if it is free or not. Knowing when to ask for an estimate, the date the estimate will be given, and the specifications of the estimate are important to be known and understood by the customer. Does the customer need a line-by-line breakdown of the project’s cost? 

Although the type of bid that a customer would get is highly dependent on the type of project they get estimated for: small or big, cheap or costly. For instance, a bathroom remodels service might offer a free initial estimate, provide a proposal, and ask if the customer want s to pursue the service, with charges this time.  

There is also a thin line between asking important, diagnostic questions about the project and asking for an estimate. Most of the contractors would recommend and welcome diagnostic questions from the customers. In relation to this, customers are also encouraged to ask before they accept free bids and estimates. A customer may get lured to an estimate advertised as free. However, this might mean that the customer needs to eventually hire the service provider after the free estimate is done.  

It is important to ask questions and ensure that the service provider will not necessitate you to hire them after providing you their “free” estimate of the project.  

The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing involves broadcasting, telephone calls, outdoor advertising, direct e-mailing, and enticing potential customers to purchase a certain product and/or service. These methods can be quite exhausting because it entails effort and costs.  

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, and with millions and millions of people worldwide using social media platforms, digital marketing is brimming with the full potential to reach customers, provide more opportunities to entrepreneurs, companies, service provides, and all kinds of businesses all around the world. With this, more and more experts and specialists are trying to educate themselves with the principles of digital marketing to attract as well as win customers and clients.  

The History of Digital Marketing 

The term was invented and used in 1990 when Web 1.0 began being popular as a means of providing information. However, since the internet was not yet fully utilized by many, digital marketing was not such a big deal for experts and marketers.  

The following are the timeline of how digital marketing evolves: 

1993 – the first-ever clickable web-ad banner was created and few banners were purchased for advertising and promotion. This year marks the start of the digital marketing era.  

1994 – new technologies were created that paved the way for e-commerce transactions through the Internet. Yahoo was launched and it began changing how digital marketing is defined. 

1998 – Google was launched and Yahoo launched its Yahoo web Search. Two years later were the booming of giant companies and smaller ones becoming irrelevant.  

2004 – Facebook was gone live, Google went public, and Gmail was launched, while the next year the YouTube was launched.  

2009 – Google launched real-time search engine results and introduced products like AdWords and AdSense. This was also the year Google became the key player in digital business.  

2014 – smartphone users have grown large in number. 

2017 – In this year social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit as well as other networking sites have been growing and growing. Facebook has reached 2 billion users.  

So, if traditional marketing involves advertising through magazines, radio, T.V., newspapers, and such, what does digital marketing involve?  

Digital marketing is a method of promoting the products and services, as well as their brands and companies, through the available varied number of online channels to reach out to the targeted customers with ease, speed, and convenience. This way of advertising has been becoming more and more popular because its benefits outweigh what traditional marketing methods provide. It is also believed that years from now, it will completely engulf traditional marketing. Because of its inexhaustible opportunities and features, it will soon conquer not just the online world, but also the offline and traditional marketing.  

The statement above is made stronger with the growing number of laptops, tablets, and smart-phone, which was paved by the increasing necessity of using various technology for personal, academic, and professional purposes.  

Some of the benefits of digital marketing are the following: 

  • Provides interactive advertising (two-dimensional) way of communication 
  • Its mileage is super-extraordinary which means it enables anyone to reach a larger audience word-wide in just some seconds 
  • It is profitable yet very affordable 

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that digital marketing is still growing in terms of popularity and functionality, and as a business, it is now imperative to use this platform to reach a wider audience in a faster, more efficient way.  

Best Tips for Carpet Cleaning

The floors of every home are a very important part of the entire home. If the floor is not great, this will reflect in the entire look of your home. For people, it is extremely important to put more attention to the flooring of your home if you are building one or if you are rebuilding, renovating or redesigning your home. If you have had the mistake of not giving much care and love to your flooring in the past, it is time for you to change that this time that you are renovating for the betterment of your home. 

As you put more attention in the flooring of your home, you will definitely notice that there are so many options for you to choose from and there is a lot of flooring types and kinds in the market available for everyone that varies in design, style, size, material, price and texture. Also, if you have noticed, there are now so many companies, hardware and stores that are selling the different types and kinds of flooring, so there is definitely something available for you and your home. as of now, there are so many kinds and types that are in the market but the carpeted flooring remains the most chosen kind; many people loves to have carpet on their feet according to carpet installation and carpet cleaning Thousand Oaks who are deemed experts in terms of carpets.  

If you are thinking about installing carpets on your flooring or if you already have a carpeted floor then you should be aware of the different carpet cleaning tips that you could do in your own household.  


Do you often have wine in your home? If yes then you know the struggle of having stains from red wine spilling on your carpets; this could also happen if any beer would be spilled in your carpet. This becomes a serious problem especially for those people who have lighter colored carpets because spills will be more obvious and it would be difficult to remove such stains. But, we have some good news for you because club soda is all you need in removing those stains. All you have to do is to spray it in the area and soak up the stain with the soda that diluted it.  


In the event that you would spill something in your carpet, remove it immediately using a clean absorbent cloth or a clean sponge but make sure that you only use the blotting process or motion in removing it because wiping it will just make the stain bigger. 


Grease is usually a problem for carpets because this is very inevitable since we all eat and there is grease from our food. If you want to remove any stains caused by grease, you could just use soap to remove it. Dish soap is the best kind of soap to use in removing grease.  

We have just given you three tips that you could use in taking care of your carpet. We really hope that you would be having a great time with your carpet.  

Benefits of a Clean Air Conditioning System at Home

The heat of the sun is very unpredictable, but most of the time, it does its job which is to provide heat to the world. Given this fact, since the sun is always and actively shining, our homes will have difficulty especially in being comfortable because if it is too hot then no one could even function very well and a lot of people would actually be uneasy and uncomfortable just because of the beaming heat of the sun. The heat of the sun is definitely a bummer for a lot of people and it is for you too, right? 

Now, the best way for you to fight and combat this issue with the heat of the sun is to have an air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems are very helpful in maintaining the temperature of your home and if you could not stand the heat all you need to do is to buy a great air conditioning system. Professionals such as Murrieta air conditioning would not just recommend you to get an air conditioning system in your home but they would also tell you to always maintain your air conditioning system’s condition because it will definitely make a big difference in the entire function of your air conditioning system.  

You should definitely maintain your air conditioning system because these are the benefits that you could get from having a well maintained and cleaned an air conditioning system: 

1. NO Repairs 

Repairs for air conditioning system could be very expensive and it could be a hassle because you would need to find certain air conditioning parts to replace the broken parts and this could be expensive in some areas of the world. If you maintain your air conditioner regularly and if you clean it properly then you would not have to do any repairs with it. All you got to do is to clean it properly and you will have a great-functioning air conditioning system in your home that you could use when the sun is beaming hot.  

2. Quality of the Air 

The quality of the air in your home also depends on the condition of your air conditioning system. If you want to breathe in very clean air and air that has good quality in your home, you should make sure to take care of your air conditioning system properly. If you have a member in your home that has asthma or other related respiratory problems or illnesses, bad air quality is not good for him or her. So make sure that you improve the quality of the air in your home by cleaning your air conditioning system properly.  

3. Lower Electric Bills 

If you are cleaning your home in the best way that you can and you make sure that you maintain it then you will have an assurance that your electrical bills will be lowered since your air conditioning system will not be working as hard as it used when it was not yet cleaned properly.  

There are so many benefits in a clean air conditioning system, so if you cannot do it on your own, you should have professionals do it for you.  

When to Hire Professional Cleaners

Taking care of your home, whether big or small could still be a difficult situation. Difficult in the sense that cleaning a home needs a lot of attention to details, time and energy and not everyone have got this. Most of the home owners out there are very busy people and are people who do not have any spare time because of work and other engagements. Home owners are very busy because they are trying to earn more money to keep the home and to make sure that they have enough money and savings to pay for the basic needs of the family.  

If you think that you could not absolutely do the house cleaning on your own then that is okay because there are so many things that you could do. You could just call cleaning services Portland Maine because they are the experts in house cleaning and they would be able to clean your home for you when you need it the most. There are event in our lives wherein we really need our home to be clean and safe for everyone to be in and since you do not have enough time to spare to clean the entire home on your own then let the professionals handle it in the best way possible because that is what they do best.  

Here are some of the life events where you could have a professional home cleaner in handy: 

1. If there is someone sick 

If someone is sick in your home, you should make sure that you have a cleaner home because the diseases and illnesses could be worsened by a dirty and unhealthy environment. If you would like to help that someone to get better while they are in your home then you have to make sure that it is 100% clean and free of any dirt, dust or bacteria that could cause more harm than good to the sick person. This is a very simple thing to do but it will definitely bring a lot of good for everyone in your home.  

2. Preparing for a baby 

If you are expecting a baby, you should make sure that you have a clean home for the baby to live in. Babies are very sensitive and you have to make sure that you are putting the baby in a place where he or she would be most comfortable in. The most comfortable place for a baby to stay is a very clean home where there are not dirt or dust particles and there are no bacteria that could cause diseases and illnesses. 

3. When you want to hold an event 

If you are planning to host a birthday party, an anniversary party, a simple home dinner with friends and loved ones or a promotion celebration, you should make sure that you have a clean home where you could entertain guests because your guests will be more comfortable in a clean home.  

Once the cleaners are done doing their job, you will definitely see a great difference in the way that they clean your home.   

3 Dirty Areas in a Home That Need the Help of Cleaning Services

You would like to make your home spotless, yet you usually skip over particular areas in your home while cleaning. Since you are not as experienced compared to the staff of a cleaning service, you may not have the same expertise or tools to entirely clean every small detail in your home. The list below contains 3 places in your home, which are dirtier as you can imagine, that require the help of House Cleaning Murrieta professional cleaning services. If you hire us, the following areas of your house will be squeaky clean: 

Kitchen sink 

Studies show that your kitchen sink has more E. coli bacteria compared to your toilet bowl. We believe you definitely apply heavy-duty cleaners in your bathroom, although you might be forgetting that your kitchen also needs that. Applying a weak cleaner will not kill all the bad bacteria. Some cleaners are specially made to be used in the kitchen. While this type of cleaner can help, you could find a hard time looking for them and to deep clean due to your busy schedule.  

Fortunately, House Cleaning Murrieta’s professional cleaning service can help you with that. Cleaning service is the best option for you to make sure that all the germs out of your kitchen sink will be eliminated. Out cleaners are proven to be efficient and experienced. You don’t have to worry whether your kitchen sink is full of bad bacteria.  


Opening your blinds and allowing the sunlight in is one of the greatest ways to make a welcoming home. Although, this could turn out differently if your windows are untidy. A window cleaner that’s ammonia-based could work just fine, however, it could leave stripes on your windows could appear to be much worse than the dirt. Moreover, if you have windows that you can’t reach, you won’t be able to totally clean them as much as you want.  

Because of this problem, our cleaning service offers a thorough window cleanup to make them spotless, especially during birthday parties or any special occasion. Your windows will be experiencing a polished look that they have never experienced before.  


Your living space may have a large carpet on. Approximately, carpets could contain dust eight times its weight. That is the amount of dirt that you unfortunately overlook. Also, if you happen to have a pet in your home, it is definite that the number of allergens present in your carpet is surprising. Even a vacuum cleaner could not totally eliminate these allergens. If you don’t want your visitor to be sneezing due to such allergens, you have to hire a professional cleaning service for this issue. It will be guaranteed that cleaning services will make sure that your carpet will be free of allergen. This is a great way for you to promote a healthy home for you to live comfortably. You can visit our website for an appointment or call us for more information.  

Tips for Young Photographers to Capture the Best Photos

If you are a beginner when it comes to photography, there are several tips you should know to help you get going and to appreciate the art of photography even more. Here are the following tips that you can consider to make the most picturesque shot: 

Do not get the most expensive tools for starters 

You can take nice photos even when you have an inexpensive camera. You can see many pictures online, which are captured with an inexpensive point and shoot. You just first need to take as many photos as you can and get the feel of capturing photos. The more you take photos, the more you will distinguish what type of camera you will want to get for your next upgrade. 

Have a tripod 

If you have shaky hands, you should consider having a tripod, even those inexpensive ones work fine. Once you get the hang of using tripods, you will be surprised that the quality of your photos will get much better from time to time. You can utilize your camera’s timer feature with a tripod for more photostability. 

Always bring your camera with you 

Photo sessions usually happen once you least anticipate it. If you could make your equipment rather simple—just a tripod and a small camera bag—then you could take advantage of the best surprising occasions. If you have your phone camera,  

Create a list of picture ideas that you would love to get 

Sometimes, you cannot bring with you your camera. If this happens, you can use a small notebook and take note of all the places or ideas you would like to visit and take a photograph. Guarantee that you jot down all the vital details, such as lighting, so you can return at a similar time of the day or once the weather is fine. 

Do not ignore ordinary subjects for photography 

If you’ve never seen any interesting thing to capture in your backyard or living room, you can try to look at familiar places in a new perspective. You might see a wildflower in your yard unexpectedly or a fascinating ray of light. It is often the mundane things that make the greatest shots. 

Have fun learning 

Photography is a great hobby to have since you will never run out of things to learn. You can see inspirations everywhere. If you just look at everything with your photographer’s eyes, you might observe amazing things that you’ve never seen before. 

Experiment with the settings of your camera 

Your camera could be more powerful and flexible than you imagine. For you to know what the symbols stand for in your camera, you must read the owner’s manual. While exploring, try to capture subjects with varying settings to know what effects you would want to apply and prefer.  

If you are currently a young photographer, you must never be afraid to experiment, especially If you are utilizing a digital camera. Make sure that you enjoy your learning process as you appreciate the beauty of nature. For more photography tips, visit Temecula Photographer or contact us for appointments.