How To Make a Braided Rug

Braiding With Marge...a New Complete Video Guide to Rug Braiding

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If you don't have the time or the money to attend a braiding "camp" for rug braiding instructions, my videos provide an excellent alternative to learn how to make a braided rug. Furthermore with video, you can proceed at your own pace and if you don't "get it" the first time around you can replay it until you do. They are designed so that you can braid along with me. I give detailed instructions and take you through every step of the braiding process.

At the end of the video, I expect you will have made a braided rug. Also, once you've mastered the content of these videos you will be able to make any size, style or color of any oval or round braided rug that you desire. For those of you who have had difficulties with other learning methods or if you are just someone who wants to learn a new craft, my two videos; ("How To Braid an Oval Rug" and "How To Braid a Round Rug") are a wonderful opportunity to learn how to braid quality rugs . Each video is over 4 hours in length. The first is a complete guide to making an oval braided rug and the second, a complete guide to making a round braided rug.

Each video is a 2 DVD set, over 4 hours in length, teaching my way of making a braided rug.

* The videos are hands will braid along with me making one or both of the rugs
    shown below.
* You will end up with more than a rug. You will learn the skills to make any size or style
    rug that you desire.
* Learn and enjoy a craft that you can use for a lifetime. (For me it became a retirement business.)
* These videos are complete guides and cover all the topics needed to make professional
   quality rugs.



27" Round Braided Rug




2' X 3' Oval Braided Rug


Here's what each of my "Making a Braided Rug" videos contain:

* Why my rugs are different: Thicker, heavier braids make for more luxurious rugs that will not slide  around  on the floor and  are     wonderfully soft to walk on.
* Guidelines for determining the size, shape and colors of a rug to meet a particular need.
* Choosing a rug style...examples.
* Why shading is the key to good rug design...examples.
* Choosing the material: thickness, use of herringbones and plaids, plush or flat.
* What tools and supplies you will need.


What You Will Learn:

* Color planning tips, design, style, and shading.
* Learn to calculate the number of yards of material you will need for each color.
* How to cut material to minimize seams and get maximum yield.
* How to sew seams and joins by hand or by machine.
* The advantages of coiling (braiding without Braid Aids) and how to do it.
* How to splice lacing twine.
* How to begin; the center of the rug...creating the "T".
* Learn to do braiding and plaiting (flat braiding).
* How to do twice overs.
How to add material.
* How to lace so the rug lies flat.
* How to avoid the banana shape, sombreros, and bowls.
* How and where to change colors to achieve smooth color transitions.
* How to do a taper.
* How to do a butt, on both inside and outside rows.
* How to clean and care for your rug to reduce wear and prolong life.

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